So it’s official. The life as I know it is over at last. On Tuesday morning my student years were ceremonially finished with my graduation and left me standing in my pink dress with mixed feelings. On the one hand, I’ll never have to do any more tests, exams, essays, thesis, live at the dorms or sit at school instead of doing some work. On the other, I’m really going to miss my friends and maybe even some teachers. Over the last five years we’ve become a little journalistic family and it’s strange to think that I’m not going to see them again in September. Some of my friends are moving abroad all over the world, others are going back home and I will probably leave Slovakia soon as well. But I am really really glad that I finally reached my goal and got a degree in journalism. Not counting all the stressful and unbelievable parts, it was really fun and I’ve had some absolutely incredible experiences and met some wonderful people during the last five years. Long live the Comenius University journalists! 🙂

I was wearing:
dress – Mohito
shoes – F&F
earrings – Parfois
bag – Gate