Goodbye 2014

A year ago I remember thinking about the year that lay ahead of me. I knew it would be important, different and that I would remember 2014 for the rest of my life. And so it was. It wasn’t one of those years that get lost in your memory and when you think back, you go „Oh, was it 2014 or 2016?“. Oh no. I will know exactly what happened in 2014, although strangely the calendar doesn’t work with my life very well because I feel like this year should not end just yet.

2014 started my biggest transition in life – from a kid and a student to a real adult person (sounds boring, but it’s been pretty stressful.). And so was this year. Full of stressful moments, important decisions, but also amazing experiences. I have strictly decided to follow all my dreams, beginning with finishing university and moving to London, my dream city. Then I realised that following your made-up dreams at any cost might not always be a good idea, especially when you’re just starting out and there is so much pressure on your shoulders to succeed. Anyway, instead of being miserable in the great city Peter and I decided to come back and be happy together in Bratislava instead. I was sure that I’d be living with my lovely boyfriend away from our parents by now, too, but it also turned out that the logistics of life are sometimes more complicated than our ideas of how it should be.
So here is what happened this year for me:

– I wrote a thesis about gender stereotypes and every time I see a billboard with a naked woman promoting bricks or something it really winds me up now 🙂
– I got a Master’s degree in Journalism, yay!
– I worked on some wonderful stories throughout the year, with amazing journalists and by myself. I learned a lot. I worked a lot. I love my work. A lot.
– I continue learning that it’s not really about where you are at any given moment in your live, it’s who you are with that counts
– I moved to beautiful, exciting, inspiring London
– I came back a month later, but it is still on my „to do list“, one day
– I’ve learned the perils of looking for a flat in a city. It was impossible in London, it is nearly equally tiring in Bratislava and I can’t wait to be finally physically moving my things somewhere and creating my new home 🙂 You’ll definitely be a part of it my friends!

So, here’s my 2014 in pictures 🙂