Golden Girl

In every wardrobe there are many kinds of accessories and clothes. The ones that make you feel pretty, ones that make you feel happy, ones that make you feel feminine, young or elegant. And there are also ones that make you feel special. I chose this Kenneth Jay Lane necklace as a present for my graduation to remind me of these lovely times and this important event in my life. It is exactly the kind of jewelry that makes you feel above all, special. It’s unique, gold, fun, beautiful, shiny and an ultimate statement piece. I decided it underlines my personality much more than a simple gold chain or a Swarovski pendant. I hope it’s going to be one of those pieces that I can give to my daughters one day and they’re going to think how stylish their mum was 😀 What do you think? 🙂

I was wearing:
dress – Marks & Spencer
shoes – Primark
belt – Primark
necklace –