FALL-ing in love with London…Again

It’s been some time since I have written to you my friends and I sincerely apologize. I’ve been quite busy in the past few weeks and it doesn’t seem to slow down much. Yet. But I promised to keep you up to speed with my adventures so here goes.

My boyfriend and I decided to try our luck and come to find a new life in London, UK. We both love New York, but it’s pretty impractical for us to move there, especially if it was temporary, so we settled for our favorite place in Europe besides our hometown instead – London. We fell in love with this city four years ago when we came here for one summer during our university holiday and I personally couldn’t think of any other place I would love to live in so much ever since! So after finishing our universities it was the only place we could go.

However, there are million things easier than moving. Or packing your things in one 15 kg suitcase for an unlimited period of time with a limited budget, for that matter. Anyway, we’ve been here for a week now and I’ve been falling in love with London every single moment since our plane landed. It’s wonderful in Spring, beautiful in Summer and gorgeous in Autumn, too. We can’t help ourselves and wander into one of the major parks nearly every day. Last week was still very warm and sunny and people were lying on the grass eating ice-cream, reading a book, chatting and generally having a time of their lives. Tourists and Londoners meet everywhere in big exciting mix of colors, shapes and voices. If we really stay here for longer, I will thank my lucky stars every single morning to wake up in this incredible place.

These photos are from the St. James‘ Park that stands right between the Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace. The purple flowers, in full bloom at the beginning of October, under the plum-colored tree on a green grass were right out of a fairytale. But they were real 🙂
























I was wearing:
trench coat – vintage (London Fog)
dress – H&M
shoes – F&F
headband – Primark
scarf – F&F