Denim & skirt: Day 3 + Tutorial

I´ve had so many ideas with this shirt and I´m sure I´m going to wear it for a long time in a lot of different outfits, but for the last outfit of my „denim & skirt“ styling project I decided to wear a tight neon skirt from H&M and a statement necklace from Primark. I wore this outfit to school so I needed to be comfy, thus the white slippers. I like the combination of neon and denim, what do you think?

So here´s the question: Which of the three outfits of the „denim & skirt“ project is your favourite? Do you like the romantic lace, retro feel or the modern neon?

And as I promised you earlier, I add a little tutorial on how to make your own pearl-embroidered denim skirt 😉


I was wearing:
skirt – H&M
denim shirt – second hand + DIY
necklace – Primark
slippers – Primark
earrings – Primark
Pearl embroidered shirt tutorial

STEP 1: If you don´t have enough pearl beads, spare pearl band or a necklace comes in handy:) It must be the type of accessory you won´t miss too much (don´t use your mum´s precious real pearls, please:)) )

I had my shirt dyed already but if you don´t and you like it this way, dye the shoulder parts in the front and back (I have never done it so I can´t advise you there:( ). Then prepare a thread and the pearl beads for embroidering.

STEP 2: Sew the beads on the dyed parts of the shirt. As you come closer to the collar, make the gaps between the beads bigger gradually. 

STEP 3: The final effect will be that there will be a thick net of beads on the outside of the circle and less of them by the collar.

STEP 4: I know it´s nothing complicated, but I hope I have at least inspired some of you:) Please let me know how it went if you decide to make your own pearl denim shirt! 🙂 Good luck! xxx