City romance

I have never been shy to admit that I want to live in a big city. I come from a small town, not a village but not a city either. However, whenever I happened to be in a big city, I was mesmerized by all the people and life around me and envied them their freedom and neverending possibilities. The older I am and the closer I come to starting my own life (understand – finishing school), the more a life in a big city appeals to me. I know I´m not going to end up in a calm village life. I´m going to explore and enjoy all the possibilities the city offers. And I can´t wait. Bratislava is nice enough, but there are enough reasons not to stay in Slovakia longer than neccessary, so I think I´m going to look for a life in the world as a true European soon (note to my family – don´t worry, not too soon, I´ll let you know 😀 ) 🙂 Until then, let´s enjoy some stolls in the city in a romantic tulle skirt, frills and lace…

skirt – ebay
top – Orsay
necklace – Primark
shoes – Baťa