Christmas Spirit

When I looked at the posts I wrote this time last year, I was jealous of my last-year-self. I had already finished the exams and the Christmas holiday had started very soon. However, it is a different story this year. I’m still in the middle of my exams, I’m finishing the essays and works I have to write and I have a ton of work to do, too.

Despite all that I’ve decided it’s important to find some time for my dearest ones and my favourite time of year. So today after finishing an exam and getting some good grades from this semester I went to get a little Christmas cheer in a shopping center. I know it’s really not about shopping and Christmas spirit is so much more than some presents that we wrap nicely and put under the tree, but it’s a nice escape from all the stress and worries of school and work 🙂

In addition to presents, I got into the Christmas mood with some Christmas movies and the only music I listen to these days is Christmas albums and online radios (my favourite this year are Cee Loo’s and Kelly Clarkson’s CD’s). Nevertheless, it’s not only about making ourselves feel better before the holidays. It’s mainly about spreading the glee and love around us, anywhere we go. So let’s try to be that extra bit nicer in this time of year, help each other, smile even if there’s no big reason, because it might brighten someone’s day and just be good so we’d find everything we long for under the Christmas tree!

These photos were taken a couple of weeks ago in F&F showroom, where I always feel warm and welcome and it’s always like Christmas in there 🙂
I was wearing:
skirt – my design
t-shirt – second hand
necklace – Primark
shoes – Primark
sunglasses – F&F
bracelets – Primark