A lot of people are often afraid of change. We like to keep our traditions and are reluctant to let go of our old ways. But change is one of the most important things in life. It moves us forward. Sometimes, change is even essential – may it be in society, in thinking, in relationship or even hair. Life is full of challenges and if you’re afraid to change your ways, you’ll often get stuck at one place and keep yourself from experiencing a lot of exciting things.
Sometimes all we need to do to keep ourselves „alive“ and happy is change the color of our hair or buy a new coat. Other times, however, we need to find more courage and stand up for what we believe.
I am very blessed that I don’t need to change the most important things in my life – my family and my partner. I love them with all my heart. Other things, though, might need a little bit of a push, especially in my country. I really hope that gradually we all find the courage to speak up and demand change where it is needed.

I was wearing:
jacket – second hand
skirt – Pull & Bear
t-shirt – Stradivarius
necklace – Primark
shoes – CCC
earrings – Koton
glasses – Dolce & Gabbana