Xmas Holiday

When I’m at home for Christmas, there are many things I love to do. I’m very sorry that I’m not posting here on the blog so often, but although I love it too, I love my boyfriend and family even more. So here are my favourite activities during the holidays at home: – Eating Vanilla […]


Thousand splendid suns

There´s always time for a love story. I hate it when the winter comes, the days are getting shorter, the mood gets darker than the cold mornings and you can´t go out with bare legs. Love, hovewer, makes it all seem meaningless. Even when everything doesn´t go according to plan, love makes everything better and […]


October flowers

There are flowers that bloom in may. There are those that bloom in july. And there are flowers that bloom in autumn. These flowers keep you warm and happy when you wear them and turn heads on the street. I love floral patterns, they are such a show-stoppers. They are romantic and fun and you […]

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