The Polka Dot Project: Part 1

And here I am with another styling project that I made up. Yesterday I found this beautiful black and white polka dot skirt in the sales and I couldn´t resist. I´ve been looking for white and black (not other way around) polka dot something (a blouse, dress, skirt…) for about 100 years and I finally […]


Thousand splendid suns

There´s always time for a love story. I hate it when the winter comes, the days are getting shorter, the mood gets darker than the cold mornings and you can´t go out with bare legs. Love, hovewer, makes it all seem meaningless. Even when everything doesn´t go according to plan, love makes everything better and […]


Denim & skirt: Day 3 + Tutorial

I´ve had so many ideas with this shirt and I´m sure I´m going to wear it for a long time in a lot of different outfits, but for the last outfit of my „denim & skirt“ styling project I decided to wear a tight neon skirt from H&M and a statement necklace from Primark. I […]

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