New Spring Essentials

I just realized that I’ve had such a busy beginning of the year that it actually feels like Christmas was just yesterday. As soon as I got back to Bratislava from my parents after Christmas holiday, I wanted to show you all the pretty new things I’ve gathered through December, but I somehow never got […]


September Pleasures

Even though the Summer is over, there’s no need to feel down. The sun is still shining, days are still quite long and the depressing November is still far enough, right? To prepare for the darker days and colder nights, however, I found some things that make me smile these days. Aj keď je už […]


Guilty Pleasures

It’s Sunday and that’s a day when we’re allowed to relax and enjoy anything we had to resist during the whole week. Everybody has some guilty pleasures in life, right? Whether its food, shopping or doing anything „not healthy“… And so do I, of course. And since I’m feeling honest and brave today, I’m inviting […]

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