Golden Girl

In every wardrobe there are many kinds of accessories and clothes. The ones that make you feel pretty, ones that make you feel happy, ones that make you feel feminine, young or elegant. And there are also ones that make you feel special. I chose this Kenneth Jay Lane necklace as a present for my […]


The first glimpse of Spring

There have been a lot of things on my mind lately and it’s increasingly becoming more difficult to post numerous posts a week on my blog. I’m really sorry I haven’t been so present lately but it all comes down to these things: school, work, family. Not necessarily in this order.  I’ve started the last […]



Heart is a funny thing. It is responsible for your life and sometimes it makes you do crazy things. Whoever gets inside your heart is forever a part of you. You can´t live without him/her because your heart would brake. Valentine´s Day is indeed a commercial holiday, but it makes you appreciate your loved ones […]

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