Xmas Holiday

When I’m at home for Christmas, there are many things I love to do. I’m very sorry that I’m not posting here on the blog so often, but although I love it too, I love my boyfriend and family even more. So here are my favourite activities during the holidays at home: – Eating Vanilla […]


Too Cool for School

Ok, so baseball caps, spikes and sneakers aren´t usually my thing, but that doesn´t stop me from thinking they look very cool, especially when they´re paired with something that is not sporty at all – dresses, skirts, heels, bright lipstick etc. I´ve been looking for a not-too-badass baseball cap for some time, because my head […]


The Polka Dot Project: Part 2

Here I am with the second part of my styling project with my beloved polka dot skirt. As I said earlier, one simple piece can be an inspiration for many different outfits. Different feelings, styles, colors, patterns. This is an example of how different and sometimes unexpected those combinations can become. My friend Janka who […]

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