Home: Life Patterns

Patterns are an essential part of fashion as well as interiors. Without them everything would be bland, boring and just… meh. Although I live in a part of world where mis-matched sofas and armchairs are considered a style faux-pas (yep, everything has to be matchy-matchy here and it’s driving me crazy), a lovely striped, floral […]


Home: Colorful Kitchen

There is nothing wrong with a pretty chic white kitchen. However, you can’t deny the practicalities of other colors in one of every home’s most used rooms. Besides, we could all use a pop of color in the summer, right? So let’s have fun even if we’re cooking! ZARA Home ZARA Home F&F Home F&F […]


Home: Sunny Yellow

I don’t know what is it with me and yellow, but every time I see it it easily makes me smile. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a yellow dress or a chair, it somehow illuminates a good energy. And since this week has been mostly awful weather-wise in Slovakia, I’m desperate for some sun and […]

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