The Polka Dot Project: Part 1

And here I am with another styling project that I made up. Yesterday I found this beautiful black and white polka dot skirt in the sales and I couldn´t resist. I´ve been looking for white and black (not other way around) polka dot something (a blouse, dress, skirt…) for about 100 years and I finally […]


The secret of a happy life

Happiness is very simple. If only more people woudn´t complicate their lifes with unneccesary gossips, lies and arguments, life would be very nice indeed, don´t you think? In the end it all comes to a very simple rule. Love people around you. Love is the key to everything, although sometimes it is really hard to […]


Bow on my back

I am hidden inside my room and studying for the exam right now. Not my favourite thing. But when everything seems so gloomy and hopeless, I like to think about something nice. For example my last weekend at home.We took a trip to a beautiful Andrassy hotel & Spa in Tarcal, Hungary with my Peter. […]

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