Castles and Fairytales

As you might well know, Europe is full of beautiful castles. Slovakia is not an exception – in our small country there is over 100 castles and chalets and a smaller mansion used to be in nearly every village. Some of them have been saved and survived to this day, others remained in ruins after their different stories have ended. Ever since I was little I loved trips to castles with my family or from school, especially discovering new ones I haven’t visited before.

My favourite to this day is the Bojnice Castle, which looks like it’s been taken straight out of a romantic Disney story. This Summer, however, I found a smaller similar one even closer to Bratislava, in a village called Smolenice. Smolenice castle was built in a romantic style of French castles around 1900 by a noble family who lived in the area. After the wars it’s been left abandoned and unfinished, eventually dropping in the hands of a communist regime, as everything else. It has never been returned to the original owners and now it belongs to a Slovak Science Academy. Fortunately, it’s often open to public and even on the days that it isn’t, you can enjoy a walk around it in a beautiful large English park.

The forrest and the meadows are especially wonderful in Autumn, so we decided to take a quick trip there with Peter last weekend. Since the village is only about 60 km from Bratislava and we had an electric BMW i3 for testing that week, I thought it’s be the perfect „green“ trip destination which we could easily reach within our battery range. And it was really amazing. I let Peter drive and enjoyed the views over breathtaking color-changing vineyards of Small Carpathians region on the way, switched by little towns and villages with locals selling first wine by the road. A real-life Slovak fairytale. As we reached the forrest road to the Smolenice Castle, we stopped right at the bottom. But you know what? I wouldn’t even feel that guilty about going into the park with i3, there are no emissions 🙂 And it’s completely quiet, so even the squirrels wouldn’t mind. And they say it’s just a perfect car for the city….

Photo: Simon Siplak



I was wearing:

coat – Portobello Road Market

pants – Bershka

shoes – a shop in Trebisov

bag – F&F

hat & scarf – Primark

sweater – Primark