Bow on my back

I am hidden inside my room and studying for the exam right now. Not my favourite thing. But when everything seems so gloomy and hopeless, I like to think about something nice. For example my last weekend at home.
We took a trip to a beautiful Andrassy hotel & Spa in Tarcal, Hungary with my Peter. I love Hungarian wellness, because the water is always hot and the food is great 🙂 It is absolutely perfect though when my love is with me. So we spent a lovely afternoon in the pools and saunas, relaxing and preparing for the winter 🙂
That is so much nicer to think about than my upcoming exam, right? What do you think of when you´re supposed to be studying? 🙂

This is what I wore last Saturday on our wellness trip.

I was wearing:
blouse – Primark
pants – ?
blazer – F&F
boots – ?