Bold Colors

These days everyhing in my live evolves around one single date. May 26th – 27th. The date of my finals. Because however nice the weather is and however much I try to relax in the evening or during the weekend, it’s very hard to relay when you have so much studying to do. So Peter’s and mine current slogan is: „After the finals…“. After the finals, we’ll go on a trip. After the finals we’ll watch that movie. After the finals we’ll do…anything we want 🙂 But enought about me. This blog is about fashion. That’s why I decided to post another look that might inspire you a little. The message of this outfit is: don’t be afraid of bold colors and patterns 🙂 Colors are perfect for spring and summer and so are the flowers. Swap your boring old jeans (which are perfect for many occasions and very comfy, I know) for a fun dress which makes you smile all day long. When you find a great dress, you can wear it to work, on a date, to the church AND on a party. The only part of the outfit that you would change are probably the shoes 🙂

I was wearing:
dress – Primark
shoes – Primark
bag – Primark
sunglasses – Tally Weijl