Blue Rocket

Ok, guys, here’s the thing. I must admit that I’m a pretty spoiled person when it comes to some things. My Dad always loved technology and cars, so when he could, he always bought the best possible ones for us. He rides a perfect Mercedes which I love, but to be honest, never ride much since I don’t live at home anymore. But I always knew, I have always been aware of the possibilities of what a car can do and what the latest „toys“ in it can be. And I adore Top Gear, too.

So there are cars that I like, that are nice to drive and I am completely content with them. There are also ones that I don’t like all that much, but I’m always happier in them that I would be in a bus. And there are the cars that I absolutely LOVE. The ones that are lent to me and I have to give them back, but I don’t want to. The ones where I spend the whole time thinking: How in the hell can I make enough money to buy one of these? The ones like BMW 320 GT. In blue.

When I was going home to see my parents, I knew there was a snow calamity there and that I wanted to stop for a trip in High Tatras on the way back. So I figured my rear-drive Mercedes wouldn’t manage it that well (it’s perfect all year, but once it starts to snow, it’s a bit unreliable, to be honest). So I asked the lovely BMW Slovakia if they had something stronger on hand. And they gave me THIS. The car of my dreams I didn’t know I had. One of those that make you do one round more, just for the fun of driving it. One of those that make you go „Wheeee“ even on the snow, thanks to the 4×4 (XDrive). One that puts a crazy happy grin on your face for the whole day.

This blue rocket was a 2-litre diesel with 184 hp with a max. speed of about 227 km/h. It was beautiful, but also smart and incredibly agile and fast. The 8-speed automatic gearbox worked flawlessly in the city as well as on the highway and whenever I moved from a stop, the force hit me back into the seat while I went „Wheeee“ again. Just like the BMW 4 that I tested last summer, this car was a constant ego-booster. I felt like a racer on the road (a very responsible one, don’t worry) and a sexy heroine when I got out 😀 Incredible what a car can do. Imagine what I would do if they gave me a Ferrari!

My favorite part of the car, besides its looks, was in the electronic department. I am absolutely in love with inventors and developers of new little things in the car factories, I really am. Every time I try a new car, I find another crazy feature that I just need to have in my next car. First it was the parking camera (obviously!). Then it was the automatic gearbox (right?). Then the adaptive cruise control and the control for the blind angle in the mirror. Now it’s the lights. This BMW has the best automatic lights I ever tried – they let you leave the long-distance lights on the whole time, all the while adapting them to the conditions on the road. When there’s a car in front of you, they will shine only around it, when there’s a curve in the road, they will turn with it. Genius! For the first time in my life I wasn’t afraid of the wild animals running into my way all the time!

I don’t even mention the sport package including the suede seats, because that would be just bragging. And I had to give the car back anyway, so I’m feeling a little upset anyway. Thank God I have Jimmy here to cheer me up 🙂

As for my outfit – what could go better with this blue rocket that something strong and feminine at the same time? So I chose a dark floral dress with my old white coat and borrowed my mum’s sturdy snow boots. I played with winter colors and different patterns until I came up with this. I wanted to make a statement with a pretty skirt and pumps, but guys, it was -14 degrees outside. So here you go. A real winter look 🙂

Thanks for the photos goes to amazing Rasto Jilek at Jilek production.

I was wearing:

coat – Primark

dress- Primark

boots – CCC

hat – old

gloves – gift