Best 2015 Christmas Campaigns

I tell you this every year, I’m sure, but it’s still true: I absolutely LOVE Christmas. Just like when I was 5. Or 10. Or 25. I hate the cold outside, but I love how the cold weather is measured with warmth and love in our homes at this time of year.

I decided to make a selection of the best Xmas campaigns of this year that made me feel the most excited, happy or emotional about the holidays. Some of them are funny, some of them are cute, stylish, artistic, realistic or very moving (John Lewis, I’m talking about you!). Share the moment with me and enjoy this happy time of year! 🙂

Asi vám to hovorím každý rok, ale stále je to pravda: Naozaj milujem Vianoce. Úplne rovnako, ako keď som mala 5. Alebo 10. Alebo 25. Neznášam zimu, ktorá je von, ale zbožňujem to, ako sa chladné počasie vyváži teplom a láskou v našich domovoch. 

Rozhodla som sa, že tento rok pre vás pripravím výber najlepších a najkrajších vianočných kampaní, ktoré ma tento rok najviac nadchli, potešili alebo rozcítili. Niektoré sú zábavné, iné milé, štýlové, umelecké, realistické alebo veľmi dojímavé (John Lewis, hovorím o vás!). Podeľte sa so mnou o toto krásne predvianočné obdobie a nezabudnite robiť radosť iným aj sami sebe! 🙂




1. Katy Perry for H&M

You know I’ve been to see Katy Perry on her Prismatic tour in Bratislava this year, so I’m still pretty into her :)) I love the H&M holiday campaign, it’s fun, colorful, sassy and essentially larger-than-life, as Katy said. Pure happiness.

2. F&F

F&F always prepares campaigns for the holidays and Chrismas parties. I personally love the holiday ones, because they are always so cozy and nice! F&F knows I love spending time in fluffy socks and pyjamas, and I love them for it 🙂

3. Lindex

I like how Lindex Christmas campaign is all about girls. Not that we don’t love our men, but their Christmas ads seem like a girls-only party and everyone is having so much fun! Plus I adore the „mini-me“ campaign for mums and their daughters, because that’s exactly what I imagine me and my future daughter to dress like 😀

4. Primark

Ok, so let’s be real for a second. Christmas is fun. Christmas is great. But let’s be honest, usually it’s also a big mess 😀 Primark sees it too and it’s not playing nice this year. Christmas with a family can be chaos, so let’s celebrate it!

5. M&Co

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I love children in the Christmas ads. They’re just sooo cute! Just look at this incredible M&Co campaign! I could eat them all!

6. Heatons

So. There are cute kids. And pretty men. And they’re bringing Christmas trees and presents. Love at first sight 🙂

7. Evans

Happy, pretty girls in real-life sizes just getting excited about Christmas in cool clothes. What’s not to love? 🙂