Barefoot under the cherry tree

In Slovakia, there is a tradition of kissing under a blooming cherry tree on the 1st of May. This year, however, it was quite difficult, since most of the trees had already finished blooming by May. Everything grows and blooms faster this Spring somehow. The trees and flowers that use to be in full bloom at this time of year were blooming a month sooner. I am in fovour of the solution where everything blooms all year round, although sadly, nobody has figured how to arrange that, yet. Can you believe these photos were taken at the beginning of April? I had bare legs and short skirt and I didn’t need a jacket. Unbelievable. Every time the warm spring or early summer comes, it completely awes me, can’t get enough of the long sunny afternoons. How about you?

I was wearing:
skirt – Primark
t-shirt – Shana
earrings – Ann Christine
glasses – Dolce & Gabbana