Back in time

Last weekend was the most extraordinary summer experience. My friend Kristina came to visit me in my hometown in Eastern Slovakia and since it was her first time in this area I decided we should make the most of it.

We began with a local drink called „vinovica“ and some typical Zemplin food. Next day, however, we swiched the country. Kristina has travelled all around the world, but she had never been to Ukraine before. We seized the opportunity and took a journey back in time. They say time travel isn´t possible. Well, I see it differently now. After crossing the border in a charming village Veľké Slemence, which has been cut in two more than 60 years ago and has belonged to 2 countries ever since, we found ourselves in a different time. Old cars that have been replaced in Slovakia years ago are the rule in Ukraine, while roads are even more destroyed than ours. Suprises like a herd of cows stopping you on the road are nothing special in the area, but when you come to town, it´s a little bit different story.
Beautiful clothes and shoes are stocked in shops in the old buildings with peeling paint, but all the more charming. Even more romantic is the bridge in Uzgorod, where you can find dozens of metal hearts locked to the railings, exatly like in Paris or Prague. But it being a significantly smaller and lesser known town, it seems somehow more genuine and romantic. Maybe because the town wasn´t full of tourists and I couldn´t even find any shop with the locks to put on a bridge.
We had a great day of shopping, laughing at the fakes, exploring new places and meeting new people. We loved how nice and friendly everyone was in Ukraine and we brought back some pretty things, including one gorgeous fur coat in the style of Audrey Hepburn. We ended our Saturday at my grandma´s, talking and drinking delicious Tokaj wine.