A Walk In The Park

I love autumn in the cities. The trees get the prettiest of colors and make you forget for a moment that Winter Is Coming. And if you’re shaking your head right now thinking how silly I am, because (obviously) there is no nature in the city, I’ll try to oppose. Because of one simple and incredible feature every great city has to offer – the parks. Central Park, Hyde Park, Sad Janka Krala or parks in cities all over Europe and elsewhere are a perfect getaway in the middle of an exciting and busy city. And enjoying the autumn in London has been one of the most amazing experiences of my city life so far.

Don’t get me wrong. I hate the cold weather, rain, wind, shorter days and darker morning and especially the notion that Winter is (really) Coming (very soon). But I can’t shake off that big grin on my face whenever I walk into a park and see the million bright colors of the trees, grass, leaves and flowers around me. I keep gushing about how beautiful and photogenic everything is at this time of year to Peter (my boyfriend), who is getting pretty annoyed with me by now 🙂 But how can you not be excited by all this beauty and by the overwhelming contrast between the cold air and warm colors around you? We have a wonderful park back in my hometown, which is very beautiful in every season, but there is only the one. In London, I still can’t choose my favorite park and I have only seen maybe four or five of them!

I love the size and endless walks of Hyde Park, with charming cafes by the Serpentine and secret places hidden behind every corner, one prettier than the other. But then there is the Regent’s Park with is stunning rose garden and walks that make you feel like you somehow ended up in a fairytale. But I also love St. James‘ Park with Westminster and Big Ben on one side and the Buckingham Palace on the other. Plus, I adore friendly and very sociable squirrels in all of them.
This is a selection of photos from our walks in London parks, mainly in Hyde Park and Regents Park, which are an absolute must see on a visit to UK capital. Enjoy!

I was wearing:
striped skirt – Forever 21
navy t-shirt – Primark
blazer – Primark
green trainers – Primark
black & white coat – Primark
black shoes – F&F
beige trenchcoat – London Fog (vintage)
burgundy bag – Primark
scarf – F&F