A Little bit of Luxury

When Peter and I go for a trip or a holiday, we usually don’t indulge in too much luxury and expensive stuff, because frankly, we still can’t afford it. We’re only now starting to afford extra things in life as such, so 5* hotels and first class trips are not usually on our itinerary. But we’ve always dreamed of a life where we could afford all the comfort and everything we actually liked and from time to time, we treat ourselves to something nice. Because life is here for us to live, not to save endlessly and wait for a better time. There is no time like today. Carpe diem.

Life is short and we are reminded of it every single day. One day you’re enjoying the sun, friends, family and rushing to work, the other everything can be gone. So we try to travel as much as we can, even with a limited time and budget. We try to enjoy every second of our lives, spend time with the people we love, go to beautiful places and have as much fun as possible. So when we got an invitation to see a concert of a Slovak rock band Tublatanka in the beautiful Grand Hotel Kempinski High Tatras in Strbske Pleso, we didn’t miss a beat. And what was even better, we were given the most wonderful ride in the world by BMW – a brand new (the car literally went on the market the day after we got it) BMW 530d Touring.

Grand Hotel Kempinski is one of the oldest hotels in High Tatras and today it’s definitely one of the prettiest. I love the historical buildings surrounding the mountain lake, reflecting in the cold waters together with tall trees. I’m not the biggest fan of the new sleek modern buildings on the sides though, I still think the whole complex would look more natural in the united style. But I’m no architect and whenever I’m in Strbske pleso, I rather focus on the nature itself. Strbske pleso is one of my most favourite parts of the mountains – I love the romantic walk around the lake, the views of the mountains and the valley bellow, the tall trees throwing shade on the sidewalk. And from our room in Kempinski hotel, we got to enjoy it all. At least on the first day of our short trip. The first thing we saw from the window the next morning was the thickest, whitest fog you can imagine. Just like that, the lake was gone. Poof. Like someone has stolen it at night.

The first thing we enjoyed about our trip, however, was the drive there. We’ve tested some great cars before, so I’m quite happily used to luxury behind the wheel, but this, this was a whole new level. From the outside, BMW 530 Touring looks like a strangely posh family car – extremely long, wide, muscly, but also very beautiful and fancy. The only people I can imagine buying 530 Touring with the big booth would probably be top management people with great salaries and a family who love driving and road trips. Or who are passionate golfers (I’m sure you could fit 5 golf bags in that booth, with trolleys and a space to spare). Once you sit inside, however, you feel like you want to move here. The seats in this car are not only absolutely stunning (prettier than my handbag, let me tell you), but also the softest and most comfy that I’ve ever tried. The quilted white leather was eve hiding a massage function, that we tried all the way, which makes you feel like you’re in Spa as soon as you leave home. I started calling it my „mobile living room“, because it felt like home. You didn’t want to leave.

It was similar to ZION Spa in Kempinski – plush, stylish, extremely comfortable, just… nice. Like home out of home. And here at High Tatras with an added value of the most wonderful view possible. I love spa and wellness centers, so I thoroughly enjoyed this one too, although it wasn’t my first time here. I could spend a week here, just reading a book, glancing at the mountain lake occasionally, going for a swim in between chapters… This must be what heaven looks like. In the evening, we enjoyed a perfectly intimate rock concert (if there ever was anything like this) in the Grand Restaurant of the hotel, by the flickering lights of candles and soothing sound of string quartet that joined the band. We were transported back in time to our childhood and school times when we sang the songs out loud at any party, celebration, or when we just felt like it.

And since on Sunday the beautiful lake disappeared and all we were left with was dramatic fog, I gave up on my fancy cool outfit and put on my jeans and sweater instead. Fluorescent yellow, mind you, to be easily seen in this weather 🙂 And floral brogues, just to remind myself it was still spring somewhere out there. In the end, it didn’t bother me too much. This car isn’t like some other BMWs we tried. It doesn’t requite too much attention or extra self-maintenance just so you can keep up with it (like the blue 420 cabrio). I felt OK just sitting in it in my comfy jeans and sweater. It’s not showy or ego-boosting. It’s just beautiful and comfy. If you’re able to buy a car like this, it reminds you every day that life is beautiful and if you worked hard, you deserve a ride like this. If you work hard, you deserve a car that loves you, that cares for you and gives you as much pleasure as possible. It’s not just about the sound of the 3-litre 6-cylinder diesel engine (although that is also VERY pleasing), it’s about the way the car makes you feel. Safe, comfortable, adored. Although it manages to reach 0-100 km/h in 5,8 s, it doesn’t push you over the limits. You don’t want to rush, because simple cruising is so pleasing. The car feels soft, steady and solid on the road, which is the result of new technologies, smaller weight, air cushioning on the rear axle and top notch materials. You just want to enjoy life and time with your passengers in this car. And the view. The view is everything.

It’s difficult to tell you what you can get in this car, because there is little you can’t. You even get things you might not have known existed before. Like special stylish perfumed scents for the car system that come in a lovely little box, just like little travel perfumes. Or a top spec Bower & Wilkins sound system in beautiful aluminium speakers, or parking cameras and sensors that could record a whole movie. They are everywhere! So even when you have to park this big long car, it basically does it for you. And I don’t know, but I think we got even closer to talking KITT and an autonomous car that we ever thought we would. With all the electronic and software helpers, driving was never safer and easier than now.









My new/old summer favourites – YSL The Shock mascara and Color Your Eyes eye shadow palette by Marionnaud

Moje nové/staré obľúbené letné vychytávky, ktoré som si zbalila so sebou – YSL The Shock mascara a Color Your Eyes paletka s krásnymi očnými tieňmi od Marionnaud

Huge booth where we could pack our whole household 😀

Obrovský kufor, do ktorého by sme zbalili celú našu domácnosť 😀

Priehradka na bezdotykové nabíjanie telefónu! 🙂

Place for a wireless phone charging 🙂