3 days, 3 outfits

Hi everyone! Today I decided to give you three times as much outfit inspiration as usual. I hope everyone finds something they like in them, since each of them is pretty different, although they all have my signature 🙂

All of the three outfits I’m about to show you come from F&F, one of my favourite affordable fashion brands. I like it for many different reasons, but mostly because you can find it anywhere, even in small towns, so you don’t need to travel to the capital or a big shopping mall to find it. I also like the prices of the clothes and accessories and the fact that F&F is trying to invest in sustainability, which is still pretty rare in big fashion chains.

Since the Spring 2016 is still on the way, I chose my favourite pieces from the kind of mid-season collection, which is available in the stores right now. Although I love bright colours, one of the outfits is mostly black and white, with one main (probably) unexpected detail – the leopard print kitten heels. I love how classy it is, fit for any occasion, in my case it’s great for a work meeting, as well as a cocktail in the evening. It can take you from day to night, which always comes handy. I’m also a big fan of the second outfit of the beautiful elegant two-tone blue dress. It has a cool retro vibe, and the colour of the dress is as vibrant as the first Spring flowers. It’s a perfect piece for a theatre, romantic dinner or a conference, especially when you get tired of a classic LBD. My third outfit is the most urban, modern and comfy one. I love sleeveless jackets like these, although I don’t wear them very often (who knows why? I must get better at it). While it’s still cold, you can combine an outfit like this with some warmer boots and some tights, the key piece, although maybe a very low-key one, is the grey turtleneck dress that keeps you warm and on-trend at the same time 🙂

Which of these outfits is your favourite?


Outfit n°1: black skirt, lace top, leo print pumps


Outfit n°2: blue dress, red bag, red pumps (old)


Outfit n°3: grey dress, coral sleeveless jacket, leo print pumps